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1x05: Contrapasso

Imagen para el episodio 1x5: Contrapasso

Pariah (a small forgotten village) is found by Dolores, Logan and William and danger events are immediately triggered. The Man in Black finds himself in a surprising situation: he’s not the only one interested in the maze’s location. Do you who are we talking about?

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1x04: Dissonance Theory

Imagen para el episodio 1x4: Dissonance Theory

The Man In Black continues his quest to find the location of the maze by forcing Lawrence, his prisoner, to share all the information he has. William and Logan start a journey to find a treasure and Dolores joins the experience. Finally, Theresa and Ford reflect on Westworld’s future

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1x02: Chestnut

Imagen para el episodio 1x2: Chestnut

Westworld receives William for the first time, along with repeat visitor Logan, each one with his expectations of what could be experienced. Meanwhile, Bernard and Theresa Cullen, Quality Assurance head, discuss about the uncommon behavior of the hosts and its possibility of being contagious. On the other hand, the mysterious Man in Black will release condemned Lawrence in order to know the underground secrets of this world.

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1x01: The Original - First episode

Imagen para el episodio 1x1: The Original

A new day is born at Westworld, extense park where visitors pay enormous quantities of money to share wild-west adventures with androids. During this day, Bernard Lowe, one of the top programmers of the park will share a conversation with the founder Dr. Ford about new behaviors of recently re-coded robots. In the meantime, we’ll meet Teddy, Dolores and a host who bumps into an object from the outside world.

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